Barrishift-me comes with a premium wooden game board, 20 playing marbles in 4 different colors, 11 blocking marbles and one dice.

The game board is laid out in the middle of the table. Each player gets 5 marbles of the same color and places them on the starting spaces with the matching color at the bottom of the board.

The youngest player starts, then play continues in clockwise direction. In his turn, the player rolls the dice and moves his marble according number of spaces. There is no movement on the starting spaces. The first space is the first blank space in front of the starting spaces. It’s here where the marbles begin their race. Marbles may move in any direction, forward, backward and sideways, they may also make turns within the move.

However, it is not allowed to move a marble forward and backward in the same move. The rolled dice number must always be moved in full. Rolled points cannot be forfeited. When a player rolls a “6” he may not roll again. It is permitted to jump over own and opponent marbles. The jumped spaces are included in the count. It may happen that no marble can be moved at all. In this case, the player in question skips a turn. In any case, the player may decide for himself, which of his marbles he wishes to enter into the game i.e. with which one he wants to move. If only one marble can be moved on a roll, then it must be moved - even if the only possible move is backwards.

There can only be one marble on a given space. If a marble lands with the exact roll of the dice on a space occupied by another marble, it is beaten and placed back on the starting fields of that color. From there it can be brought into the game again.

There are blocking marbles that cannot be jumped. In order to clear them out of the way, a marble must land with an exact roll of dice on a blocking marbles. The player in turn takes the blocking marbles and places it on any other space on the board – with the exception of the first row of spaces. Repositioned blocking marbles can be placed on black spaces then.

The game ends as soon as one player has entered one of his marbles with an exact roll of dice into finish.

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