Why Phy-So-Me ?

My child is spending lots of time on the screen, not PHYsically active, not willing to be SOcial, and MEntally not focused on education.

These are common phrases and phenomena in almost every house; the idea of PHy-SO-Me was come into existence to filling the gap.

Why this happen?

Our research found that it is because of Parent are spending fewer quality time with Child. parents own engagement with screens including social media, TV series or long phone calls, they often unknowingly ignore the child’s need of attention. The other factors such as lack of meaningful activity after the school, fewer playing grounds and same age friends around child, it might be because of parent's love of privacy and nuclear family culture that also leads to societal dis-connection.

In this situation, often children find easiest way to make them engage is screens (TV, Mobile, IPad, Smartphone). Screen gives joy of small wining and instant pleasure that generates dopamine. there are teams of scientist, psychologist and research engineers creating content to engage consumer of different age groups to let them addictive, tons of such online contents easily available due to low cost Internet penetration.

What is the effect?

If you are child is spending more than 2 hours with screen than beware!!! it may cause screen addiction and lots of other deceases.

When we saw, children and young people become addictive to the screen, be it with social media or games or online streaming content. The point of worry is they are quickly losing interest in physical activity and social connection. it also hampered their eye sights, muscular strength and mental health.

The research shows that it is harmful to the body, cease the creativity and became lonely child that prevail even in young adults.

What we do?

Our mission is to Create content and activities which helps to keep away children from screen addiction and make them physically, mentally and socially healthy.

This includes: to create interesting games, crafts, art, cooking classes, indoor and outdoor sports that give same pleasure of a screen.

There will be Activities & Competition between children of similar age group and we publish the score to keep children's interest alive and mean time they will find/create their community.

We will also publish articles for successful parenting and help children to prepare weekly activity charts to engage them more meaningfully.

How it Works?

Choose a plan from Subscription

We will Deliver 2 Games/Toys/Activities to your doorstep every week.

Based on feedback, child's performance and interest, we create and provide new games every week.


If you find that your child is still not engaging in physical, social and mental environment, you do not need to worry, we have an Expert panel of Doctors and child specialist.

You can contact them with your questions, doubts and suggestions. They will guide you to the right direction.