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Physome PentaMe Penta go 6.5 2 Players Table Top Wooden Board Game

Physome PentaMe Penta go 6.5 2 Players Table Top Wooden Board Game

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Physome PentaMe | Penta-go | 6.5" inch , Premium Plywood | 2 Players Table Top Wooden Board Game

Brain Teaser Puzzle

Step1:-Choose a Marble color.

Step2:-Rotate 90 degree clockwise or counterclockwise.

Step3:-Take turns playing Marble

Step4:-Creating a row of five game markers and be the winner Educational game for children, children will gain spatial orientation, eye/hand coordination, logic and problem solving abilities as they work together with this twistingly fun game.

Product Dimensions : 16.51 x 16.51 x 1.27 cm;

Manufacturer recommended age : ‎7 years+

Manufacturer : Physome

Item Weight : 1 kg 50 g

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